Tuition and Fees




Tuition for the 2020 - 2021 school year totals $11,520. (Tuition/fees are subject to change each subsequent year.)  Tuition may be paid in one, two, ten, eleven, or twelve installments through FACTS Tuition Management.  A discount is available for multiple enrolled siblings.  


Dual Credit/AP Exam Fees

Dual Credit courses through St. Mary's University are $100 per course and are added to the tuition agreements in FACTS.  Dual Credit engineering courses offered through the University of Texas are billed directly to parents. AP exam fees for students taking AP courses are also added in FACTS.




Registration Fee/ Re-Enrollment Fee

A registration fee  is due at the time that a student enrolls and for each re-enrollment for subsequent grade levels.



Antonian College Preparatory students are required to wear the appropriate school uniforms daily. Required uniforms must be purchased through Flynn O'Hara Uniforms.  They are located at 2108 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78213.  You may also order online at


MBS Direct

Antonian does not maintain an inventory of textbooks for distribution to its students. Students are encouraged to acquire textbooks through MBS Direct. However, students have the option of acquiring their textbooks through other sources including other students who have formerly been enrolled in the same class (assuming the textbook is not due for new adoption) or from other textbook sellers.


Optional School Breakfast/Lunch Program

Antonian contracts with an external vendor, Poblano’s Restaurant and Catering, for the provision of food services.


Other Costs

Extracurricular activities may assess a cost for dues or to cover the costs of articles attributable directly to the student. 

FACTS Credit Card Processing Fees
Tuition agreements utilizing credit cards as their form of payment are subject to a 2.75% transaction fee.