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Admissions FAQs

By whom is Antonian accredited? 

Antonian is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the State of Texas, and by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED).


Do students wear uniforms?

Uniforms are required and are purchased at the expense of the students’ families from Flynn O'Hara located at 2108 N. W. Military Hwy. While each student should acquire the Mass uniform at a minimum, there are other optional articles of uniform dress that allow students flexibility.


What is the size and make-up of the student body?

Antonian, a co-educational Archdiocesan school, has an enrollment of approximately 710 students in grades 9 through 12. Average class sizes are around 25 students with an overall student-to-teacher ratio of approximately 14 to 1. Antonian employs 51 teaching faculty and 34 office/administrative staff in addition to a number of extracurricular/athletic non-teaching coaches. The racial/ethnic composition of Antonian mirrors that of the City of San Antonio with nearly 62% being Hispanic, approximately 31% being Caucasian, 3% Asian, 3% African American, and 1% Native American.  Nearly 87% of our students profess to be of the Catholic faith. Currently, enrolled students came from more than 104 different middle schools in and outside the San Antonio area.


Are students required to do service?

In serving the community, we are not only benefiting others but we also benefit ourselves. Service helps us to go beyond our “comfort zone” or our “own limits,” it helps us discover more about who we are as a person, and more importantly it helps us realize that authentic happiness and fulfillment is possible when we give of ourselves to others because we were made to love in the same way God loves us.  In the formative interest of building the Christian habit of service, each Antonian student is required to perform a minimum of 100 hours of service prior to graduation.   Each grade level is assigned a particular focus area for service.

Please visit our Christian Community Service page by clicking here for a break down of service hour requirements by grade level.






The hungry and homeless

The sick, the elderly, and the disabled

Teach the disadvantaged 

Student Choice! (Among the previous three areas)

15 hours in focus area

10 hours of student choice

15 hours in focus area

10 hours of student choice

15 hours in focus area

10 hours of student choice

15 hours in focus area

10 hours of student choice


The Campus Ministry office provides service opportunities throughout the school year.  These are posted on the school website and are also announced after the weekly student liturgies.


Does Antonian allow shadow visits?

For candidates seeking admission into the 9th grade, Antonian does permit shadow visits on a limited basis beginning once all open house tours are over and before the date of the High School Placement Test each year. Shadow visitors are assigned to follow a freshman student for all or part of the regular school day in order to get a more in-depth feel of the school environment. A meal ticket to receive the hot plate lunch being served in the cafeteria that day is provided to the shadow visitor. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed each day. Shadow visits will not be available during Antonian’s Spirit Week, during the week of Thanksgiving, or on abbreviated schedule (early dismissal) days.  Antonian does not permit shadow visits for candidates seeking admission as a transfer student.


Does a students have to be Catholic to attend Antonian?

Antonian, as an Archdiocesan school, exists primarily as a ministry of the Catholic church and the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Where room and facilities permit, students of other faith traditions may be admitted according to stated priorities issued by the school. In those cases in which physical space makes it necessary to restrict the admissions of students in a given school, priority must be given to qualified students of Catholic parents.


Does Antonian provide transportation?

Because Antonian currently has enrolled students from approximately 65 zip codes in the greater San Antonio area, it is not feasible to provide equitable transportation service. However, staff can assist families in identifying fellow Antonian families who may be interested in carpooling. Likewise, a mainline of VIA, the local public transportation company, is available and runs immediately in front of the school. Discount fares are available for VIA service. Antonian has a fleet of nine vehicles that are used to transport students to and from athletic and other school-sponsored events.


What extracurricular opportunities are available at Antonian?

In an effort to encourage and to develop each individual student to reach his/her unique potential, Antonian offers a variety of clubs, organizations, and athletic pursuits. Antonian participates in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) league which guides all athletic, academic, and fine arts competitions.


Athletic teams offered include:

Icons for sports seasons